written by YOKOMO



It is difficult to go out to the circuit easily, but this is the chance to maintain and refresh the radio control car! If you do a little maintenance that you can’t usually do, you will be able to improve the machine’s performance.



ワークス レンチ 2.0mm ヘックス ドライバー
ワークス レンチ 1.5mm ヘックス ドライバー
ワークス レンチ #2 プラス ドライバー
ワークス レンチ #1 プラス ドライバー
ワークス レンチ 7.0mm ナットドライバー
ワークス レンチ 5.5mm ナットドライバー
ワークス レンチ ボディ リーマー

Improved work efficiency with special tools

Radio control tools increase the efficiency of maintenance and create the joy of working. The high quality and luxuriousness are different from ordinary tools, etc., and further direct the radio control as a hobby.



YOKOMO セッティングボード III (320mmX420mmX12mm)
アルミ製 メンテナンススタンド
YOKOMO ピットマット 600mm X 900mm

The setting board and stand are the main stage

When assembling and maintaining the machine, I definitely want to use a setting board and the maintenance stand. An indispensable tool for pit tables for expert users, it is possible to increase assembly accuracy and work efficiency. Perfect if a pit mat is used together!



ベアリング ラインナップ

Improve efficiency by replacing bearings

Drive system parts that hold the key to running speed. Among them, the rotational efficiency of the bearing is greatly affected by speed and running time. The rotation may be poor due to small scratches or dust only on the precision parts, so if you replace it with a new one, the speed may increase as if it were mistaken.



レーシングパフォーマー Ultra ベアリングオイル
レーシングパフォーマー Ultra テフロンオイル
レーシングパフォーマー Ultra デフルーブ
レーシングパフォーマー Ultra スラスト/ジョイントグリス

Bring out performance with high-performance chemicals

From the steering, suspension, and drivetrain, radio-controlled cars have many moving parts, each of which supports driving performance. We have a lineup of oils and greases to finish them in the best condition, so it is possible to bring out the performance by using the right material in the right place.



キャンバーゲージ プロ (ブラック)
キャンバーゲージ プロ (ブルー)
ツーリングカー用 車高ゲージ

Finishing with setting items

In order to finish the machine for the next run, setting gauges and tools are essential items. By precisely adjusting the vehicle height, camber, etc., it is possible to reproduce the running characteristics of the machine.


Maintenance of a radio controlled car has many advantages. There is no doubt that driving quality will improve with the same driving skills. Of course, it takes time and effort to maintain, but the attachment to the machine will increase as well, and there is no doubt that the radio control life will be more fulfilling!