1/10 競技用ツーリングカーBD10LC アルミシャーシ仕様 RTC付
MRTC-BD10LCAR / 93,500 yen(税込)



■NEW!! アルミ製 軽量アッパーバルクヘッド

■NEW!! レイダウン フロントダンパー&ダンパーステー

■NEW!! レイダウン リヤボディマウント

■NEW!! AXON アルミ製 一体型六角ハブ

■NEW!! AXON ソフト ショックダイヤフラム&Oリング

■NEW!! AXON 高効率ハードスパーギヤ

■ NEW !! Aluminum lightweight upper bulkheads

■ NEW !! Laydown front damper & damper stay

■ NEW !! Laydown rear body mount

■ NEW !! AXON Aluminum integrated hexagonal hub

■ NEW !! AXON Soft Shock Diaphragm & O-ring

■ NEW !! AXON High efficiency hard spur gear


The new front shock tower has been significantly lowered vs the BD10, resulting in a smoother steering feeling. The car is also less nervous at high speed, resulting in better tire performance.


Front and rear upper bulkheads are changed to a 2 hole upper link design. The front and rear upper bulkheads of the BD10LC(right) have achieved a significant weight reduction through shape changes and precision processing compared to the conventional BD10 (left)


The new AXON hexagon hub and axle sleeve are integrated to improve traction and rotation efficiency. There is now less rotating mass and no free movement between parts.


Equipped with RTC as standard equipment that can freely change the turning characteristics. A normal suspension arm is also included, so you can use it properly according to the situation.


The rear body mount has been moved to the rear, to lower the center of gravity and efficiently increase the downforce of the body. This results in a much flatter car on track as the rear of the body shell does not move up/down. The conventional rear post method can still be used if desired.


The new AXON soft shock diaphragm and O ring results in better and more consistent shock performance. This means it’s less sensitive to temperature change and less rebuilds are needed.


The new harder spur gear also gives more forward traction, and is much stronger than it’s softer predecessor.

注1) 写真は組み立て参考例です。
注2) キットには2チャンネルプロポセット(送信機、受信機、スピードコントローラー、サーボ)バッテリー(Li-po2セル)、充電器、モーター、1/10ツーリングカー用タイヤ・ホイール、ピニオンギヤ(64ピッチ)、1/10ツーリングカー用ボディ、ポリカーボネイト用塗料等は含まれません。別途お買い求めください。
The kit does not include body, wheels, tires, motor, batteries ,pinion gear, and other R/C electrics.

Manual & Setting

Set-up Sheet