written by Team YOKOMO

BD9 セッティングスキル:シャーシフレックスを阻害しないバッテリーホルダー


The battery holder used on the BD9 is a new type.  Previously, most cars used glass tape to hold the battery in place, however this had some disadvantages – you could easily make the tape too tight and then affect the chassis flex, or have it too loose and not hold the battery in securely enough in the event of a crash.  The new battery plate allows the perfect amount of play in the battery mounting, holding it firmly in place but also not affecting the chassis tweak or flex.



There is also an optional carbon battery holder (B9-118G), which performs exactly the same function but has a neat carbon look.  This works in the same way as the kit item, but is held in place by finger screws, still allowing the perfect amount of movement.

If you use a super low-profile battery, the gap between the battery and the holder may be a little large.  You can use the battery rubber sheet (B7-118RS) to secure the battery correctly.