written by Team YOKOMO

BD9 セッティングスキル:ビスの材質でマシンの特性を調整



Included as standard with the BD9 kit are two types of screws – steel and aluminum.  You can use these to change the rigidity or stiffness of the chassis, to adapt the car to your track conditions.  In simple terms, when using steel screws, the flex of the chassis will be stiffer, whilst the aluminum screws will make the car softer.  There are also optional titanium screws available, which will give a feeling in between the hard steel and soft aluminum.


BD9用 高精度切削 チタン製 スクリューセット(シャーシ下側用42本入) ¥5,100(税別)

For the overall stiffness of the chassis (affected both by the screws used and the other tuning options available), a softer chassis setting will generally allow the tuning window to be wider, whilst a stiffer setting will sharpen the handling of the car.  Therefore, if your track is low grip, or you don’t have any setup information available, a good starting point is to set the chassis soft, and adjust the suspension settings from there, in turn also slowly increasing the chassis stiffness as well until you find the perfect balance level.

High precision cutting titanium screw set for BD9 (42 pcs for lower side) ¥ 5, 100 (excluding tax)