written by Team YOKOMO

BD9 セッティングスキル:サスマウントブッシュをしっかり装着




The suspension on the BD-9 uses resin bushings in the aluminum suspension mount to set the toe in/out.  It is important to make sure these bushings are always pushed fully into the mount, otherwise the movement of the suspension arm may bind up and harm performance.

When you cut the bushing off of the plastic tree, firstly you should make sure there are no burrs left – these will prevent the bushing from sitting properly in the aluminum suspension mount.  If there are any burrs left, cut them with a sharp knife or use some sandpaper to make sure the side of the bushing is completely smooth.

The bushings are designed to be a very tight fit in the aluminum mount.  You may have difficulty pressing it in just with your fingers – if so, place the bushing on a flat surface (such as your setup board), with the numbers on the bushing facing upwards as in the picture.  You can now carefully push the aluminum mount down on top of the bushing from above, making sure to keep it straight as you do so.

You can always check that the bushing is in place properly, as the surface with the numbers marked on will be flat against the outside surface.