written by Team YOKOMO

BD9 セッティングスキル:RTC(リヤ・トー・コントロール)サスペンションの使い分け


The rear toe control system (B9-RTC) is one of the key tuning options for the BD-9.  It can be used to adjust the rear traction during cornering, to help your car fit the specific track conditions.  The RTC system can have most benefit in providing more rear traction upon acceleration through a middle or high speed corner.  It also has the benefit of allowing you to finely adjust the rear toe angle, again allowing you to tune your car to the exact track conditions.


However, the RTC system does add weight to the rear suspension.  The standard rear suspension is lighter and can also have some performance advantages.  In particular, on a technical circuit, the standard rear suspension may be better as it will help with quick rotation in tight corners.