written by Team YOKOMO

BD9 セッティングスキル:専用ウエイトによるマシンバランスと剛性の調整



For the BD9, a system of brass weights is available as a tuning option.  There are four center weights( B9-BW20 ,B9-BW30, B9-BW40 ,B9-BW50 ) from 20g to 50g, as well as 10g front weights (B9-BWF10)

The center weights can also be used to adjust the chassis stiffness.  Like with the carbon pitch control plate included with the kit, it is possible to add screws along the center line.  Adding all the screws will stiffen the overall chassis flex, whilst a softer flex setting can be obtained by using fewer screws.  For the softest possible setting, you can use no screws in the center of the weight, or try having the weight ‘floating’ by not fixing it to either the motor mount or servo mount.

フロント バランスウエイトに関してですが、一見するとコーナー入り口などでブレーキング時のフロントのグリップ感が高まりそうに見えますが、実際にはフロントにかかるコーナーリングフォースが遠心力で外側に働き、アンダーステア傾向になることが多いです。フロントウエイトで最も効果が高いのはコーナー終盤で、加速時にフロントの浮き上がりを抑え、パワーアンダーを消すことにつながります。グリップの高い路面などでは早めにスロットルをONにできますので、タイムアップにつながるアイテムとなります。


The 10g front weights can make the car feel like it has more front grip under braking into a corner, but as the cornering force increases, the weights in this position will result in understeer.  The advantage of this is best experienced on higher traction surfaces, as it can prevent the front wheels from lifting, help prevent grip roll, and reduce the chassis pitching under acceleration out of the corner.  This can allow you to get on the throttle sooner after a corner and reduce lap times.