BL-RS4 ブラシレス スピードコントローラー
BL-RS4 Blushless Speed Controller
16,280 yen(税込)

 プログラムの変更は別売りの専用プログラマーで行うことができますが、さらに別売りのWi-fiモジュール(BL-WM ●4,700)を搭載することで、スマートフォンアプリを利用しての遠隔制御を行うことも可能になりました。画面を見ながらのプログラム変更はもちろん、走行後のデータをグラフ化して確認したり、今後はESCのアップデートなどもにも対応予定です。

■ブラシレス センサードタイプ専用コントローラー
■走行用Li-po 1セルバッテリー(3.7V)対応
■対応Wi-fi モジュール BL-WM ●4,700
■対応プログラマー BL-YBP4●2,700

入力電圧:NIcd/NiMH:4~6セル Lipo/Life:1~2セル
BEC電圧:6.0V/3.0A (BECブースト設定時7.4V/3.0A)
重量:50g (本体のみ)

The same program as BL-PRO4 is installed, but with the fanless specification, the corresponding motor is set to 5.5 T or less, and it is a reasonable pricing BL-RS4. Boost adjustment function by rotation speed and throttle position, adjustment function of turbo delay and slope, furthermore the brake can also change the frequency for each operation, etc. It becomes possible to set detailed setting, it can be adapted to various driving style.
The case adopts full aluminum case with high cooling efficiency as heat countermeasure. It boasts durability that can also cope with tough race scenes.
Changing the program can be done by a special programmer sold separately, but it is also possible to remotely control using the smartphone application by installing the optional Wi-fi module (BL-WM -4,700) became. As well as changing the program while watching the screen, as well as checking the data after running using graphs, we are planning to update ESC in the future as well.
■ Brushless sensor type dedicated controller
■ Programmable
Program changeable with YBP 4 programmer (option)
■ Boost and turbo function installed
■ Power feeling changeable
■ Advance, auto brake, brake frequency change function installed
■ Detailed brake adjustment function installed
■ Li-po 1-cell battery for running (3.7 V) compatible
■ Full ali case
■ ABS function
■ Reverse rotation function
■ Motor connection position change function
■ Supported Wi-Fi module BL-WM ● 4,700
■ Supported Programmer BL – YBP 4 ● 2,700
* The conventional BL – YBP / YBP 2 / YBP 3 programmer does not correspond, it can not be used. The new BL-YBP4 programmer is exclusively for BL-PRO4 / RS4 / SP4.
Applicable motor: Brushless 5.5 T (8.5 T when using turbo function, 8.5 T or less is recommended for drift running)
Input voltage: NIcd / NiMH: 4 to 6 cells Lipo / Life: 1 to 2 cells
BEC voltage: 6.0 V / 3.0 A (7.4 V / 3.0 A at BEC boost setting)
Case size: 32.9 x 34.6 x 21.0 mm (excluding protrusions)
Weight: 50 g (without cable)