SP-02D RWDドリフトスペック デジタル コアレスサーボ(ロープロファイル)
SP-02D RWD Drift spec Digital coreless servo(Low profile)
7,480 yen(税込)

 RWDドリフトカーに適した特性のロープロファイル ステアリングサーボです。RWDドリフトに最適なスペックを持ちながら、ステアリングジャイロの誤動作であるハンチングの抑制を目的に開発を進め、ジャイロのゲインを最大に上げた状態でも正常に作動するRWD専用スペックに仕上げました。

・ファイナルギヤ:アルミ製25Tスプライン (Fタイプ)


This is the all new next-generation digital servo, exclusively designed for RWD drifting。Many RWD drift drivers may be experiencing hunting, steering shake, humming constantly and generating heat from not finding the center point with different levels of steering Gyro and servo combinations. In order to solve the problem, Yokomo investigated the root cause of this and reviewed all the details such as gears, motors, initial punch and speed required for RWD drifting and the conclusion was the new SP-02D servo!
Even with the gyro gain setting up to maximum, the RWD Drift car works perfectly.
Also the high response at Coreless servo will provide very smooth and quick steering for stable drifting ride at the corner.
The final gear is made of aluminum and has excellent crash resistance. Easy to install in a machine with the low profile design, and the middle case is made of aluminum for high cooling performance. This is the state of art product but affordable price, the best buy item in Yokomo electric product.

・Case Size:41.0×20.2×27.0mm
・Final Gear:Aluminum 25T Spline(F type)

Notice:We have received several enquiries from customers about a slight vibration coming from their SP-02D servo at the neutral position.
Please be aware that SP-02D servo is programmed with completely different software from conventional servos, in order to provide an optimized steering feels for use in RWD Drifting.
The new software prevents steering shake that almost all RWD Drift cars suffer when they use high to maximum gyro gain.