YOKOMO YG-302 ステアリングジャイロ
YOKOMO YG-302 Steering Gyro
5,577 yen(税込)


It is a steering gyroscope with optimum characteristics for RWD drift. It corresponds to 2 channel and 3 channel transmitter/receiver, in the case of 2 channels it adjusts the gain with the volume of the gyro body, and with a transceiver with 3 channel adjustment function, it becomes finely adjustable on the propo side without touching the gyro body I will.
While realizing the steering reaction which is essential for RWD drift, it prevents hunting due to hypersensitive reaction and enables real drift driving. The top drivers of RC drift are also acclaimed! The internal circuit is the same as the RPG-302 gyro which gained the world’s greatest attention by monopolizing the 1/2/3 position in the RC drift world championship, and by making only the outer case made of resin, high-performance but reasonable price It is a realized model