YD-2SXIII in Red/purple version is newly lining up!

DP-YD2SX3R RWDドリフトカー YD-2SXIII Red Version ¥62,000(税別)
DP-YD2SX3P RWDドリフトカー YD-2SXIII Purple Version ¥62,000(税別)

グラファイト製のダブルデッキ仕様となったYD-2SXIIIに、ユーザーからのご要望に応えたカラーアルマイトバージョンが加わります!鮮やかなレッド/パープル アルマイトのパーツを装着した限定モデルで、一味違った高揚感を演出します。前後のショックタワーやSLFショック、7段階調整式のスペシャルモーターマウントに加え、フロント一体型バルクヘッドやスライドラックベースなどにもカラーアルマイト加工を施し、圧倒的な存在感となっています。

Color anodized versions for YD-2SXIII graphite double deck chassis are now coming up due to user’s requests. This limited edition model with bright red/purple anodized colored parts will give you a slight different feeling of elation. The front and rear shock towers, SLF shocks, and a special 7-step adjustable motor mount, the front integrated bulkhead and slide rack base are also color anodized which would provide overwhelming presence.
The specifications of the chassis are the same as the previously announced YD-2SXIII (standard black), which have major change such as double-deck chassis, which would greatly improves the pitching rigidity. The color anodized versions are Limited Edition, so please buy as soon as possible!


An overwhelming front around with color anodized parts. Color anodization is also applied to the integrated aluminum front bulkhead and slide rack base.


The servo mount on the front side has an integrated structure with the upper deck mount, and the bulkhead bridge is eliminated to bring out the softness of the front section.


Battery holder with a new design. The S-series now supports standard-size batteries, and also supports thin the short Li-po batteries.


The gearbox inherits the S series, and the special motor mount can rotate the motor position in 7 steps.


*Please note that these products are sold in limited quantities, and red/purple color parts will not be sold separately.