レーシングパフォーマー Ultra デフオイル#5000~#15000
Racing Performer Ultra Diff Oil #5000~#15000

RP-085050 ~ 08515K レーシングパフォーマー Ultra デフオイル#5000~#15000 各¥1,100(税別)


The driving speed of RC cars is increasing year by year as the performance of Li-po batteries and brushless motors increases. Higher quality differential oil is essential when the load on the drive system becomes large, in order to further improve the smoothness and durability of differential operation.
The Racing Performer Ultra differential oil released from Yokomo this time has undergone a rigorous test in top race scenes to demonstrate its high performance. Although it is highly differential gear differential oil, it is attractive for its ability to provide a stable differential effect from the start to the finish of the race without causing the oil film to run out. We have a lineup of 4 types from #5000 to #15000 used in competition machines.