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つくば ラジコンパーク誕生!
TSUKUBA RC Park was born!


つくば ラジコンパーク ホームページ


The Radio Control Circuit “Yatabe Arena” has reborned! Yatabe Arena has been one of the largest in the world for 30 years since the opening back in 1989! We have re-opened as a radio control theme park called “Tsukuba Radio Control Park”.

Tsukuba Radio Control Park Webpage :

The entire facility is called “Tsukuba Radio Control Park”, even where existing Yatabe Arena is renamed as “Tsukuba Radio Control Arena”, and new rental radio control facility is named “Tsukuba Radio Control Land”, and become a place where could welcome wider range of customers.


We have newly built a rental radio control facility called “Tsukuba Radio Control Land”, where provides rental radio control cars that even small children can enjoy and experience the radio control. It will be unnecessary for customers to prepare for running the radio control cars. Only need rental fee when visiting.


The Tsukuba RC Arena is a refined version of the conventional RC car circuit. At grand opening, a new off-road circuit area has also been added to provide a comfortable off-road circuit with air conditioning and heating. Combined with on-road and drift courses, all categories of circuits are now air-conditioned indoor all-weather circuits.


Yatabe Arena has been popular for being largest radio control circuit, and for a place where radio control core users gather around. Tsukuba Radio Control Park will continue to be a radical circuit that captures radio control from a more global perspective and responds to the demands of expert drivers. At the same time, we will promote activities that support RC life by appealing the amusement of radio control to those who do not know radio control yet, and by communicating the depth of radio control for the future.