YD-2用 ブラス製 サスマウント(リヤ用DB/EB)
Brass suspension mount for YD-2 (DB / EB for rear)

Y2-301DB/301EB YD-2用 ブラス製 サスマウント(リヤ用DB/EB) 各¥2,000(税別)


A brass suspension mount that is ideal for the rear suspension of the YD-2 series. We have a lineup of D and E sizes, which are the same as the standard kits such as SXIII, and increase rear traction by making it 10g or more heavier than aluminum. It is especially effective when accelerating at the corner exit, and because the center of gravity can be set low, it is easy to move from rounding up the roll to the acceleration system, and it is possible to drive sharply and sharply.

Aluminum    Brass
Y2-301D2 4.8g   Y2-301DB 15.4g
Y2-301E2 5.0g   Y2-301EB 16.5g