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Precautions regarding new parts of YD-2Z



The YD-2Z, which will be released soon, has many parts that have the same design as the existing YD-2 series, and it is possible to install optional parts so far. Since there are many inquiries about matching the chassis you have been using with new parts, we will inform you about whether parts can be installed and precautions when installing.

The above image is an assembly of newly designed parts for YD-2Z. Other parts (suspension parts in general, drive system parts in general, bumpers, battery holder, etc.) are the same as the conventional ones.



  • ショックタワーの取り付け位置が従来よりも後方に移動するため、ボディマウントの位置の変更や、アッパーアーム・ショック取り付け位置の調整が必要になります。
  • ギヤボックスのピッチング方向の剛性を確保するために、リヤブレースとアッパーデッキポスト(Y2-003Z)が必須となります。
  • アッパーデッキは上記Y2-003Zに含まれている樹脂製のものが装着できますが、従来のYD-2E用スライドラック対応アッパーデッキ(Y2-202UD)も使用可能です。
  • モーターマウントもYD-2Z専用(Y2-304Z)が必要です。
  • モーター位置を下寄りに設定した場合は、ギヤ比が制限されます。(84Tスパーギヤを使用する場合は位置によりピニオンギヤ17T~24T程度まで)
  • YD-2RX用メインシャーシには、アッパーデッキが接続できないので事実上搭載不可。








Use a gearbox for Z

There are a few things to keep in mind when using the YD-2Z gearbox on a traditional machine.

  • Since the mounting position of the shock tower moves to the rear than before, it is necessary to change the position of the body mount and adjust the mounting position of the upper arm and shock.
  • The rear brace and upper deck post (Y2-003Z) are essential to ensure the rigidity of the gearbox in the pitching direction.
  • The upper deck made of resin included in the above Y2-003Z can be installed, but the conventional upper deck compatible with the slide rack for YD-2E (Y2-202UD) can also be used.
  • The motor mount also requires a dedicated YD-2Z (Y2-304Z).
  • If the motor position is set downward, the gear ratio will be limited. (When using 84T spur gear, pinion gear 17T ~ 24T depending on the position)
  • Since the upper deck cannot be connected to the main chassis for YD-2RX, it cannot be installed virtually.

Installation on the main chassis for E series

Gearbox can be installed.

E standard upper deck post can be used, but the rear brace included in Y2-003Z is required to connect to the gearbox, and the upper deck post for Z is also included in it, so the upper deck for Z Post use is recommended. If you really want to use the E standard upper deck post, you cannot install the rear brace on the lower side, so you need to turn the rear brace over and connect it on the post, and use it with the motor position set to the upper side. When using the conventional plastic front bulkhead for E / S, an upper deck (plastic / graphite) for E is required separately.

Installation to the main chassis for S series

Gearbox can be installed.

Y2-003Z upper deck post and rear brace are required, and both the plastic and graphite chassis for S have screw holes for mounting the upper deck post. When using the upper deck for Z, the front bulkhead must be compatible with the slide rack (the upper deck has a wide mounting width). When using the conventional plastic front bulkhead for E / S, an upper deck (plastic / graphite) for E is required separately.



Use the main chassis for Z

The Z chassis kit uses the same hole positions as the E series. Since the holes required for mounting the S gearbox (two holes on the front side of the gearbox) are also opened, any E / S series can be converted.




Use front bulkhead for Z

The integrated plastic bulkhead is designed with the same dimensions as the existing aluminum integrated bulk. It can be replaced as it is around the front of the slide rack specification. Of course, there are also holes for hanging the slide rack rail. A slide rack set for Z (a conventional set with unnecessary parts removed) will be released soon.

The plastic bulkhead weighs about half (aluminum 19.9g, plastic 9.8g) compared to the aluminum integrated bulkhead.





Use the front shock tower for Z

Since the mounting to the bulkhead is the same, it can also be used for the old chassis. The outermost shock mounting hole position of the old model has been removed, and two holes have been added inside.

Use the rear shock tower for Z

The number of holes in the shock mounting position is the same, but overall it is about 12 mm inward on one side.
The upper arm mounting position has eliminated the conventional innermost hole, but a new mounting hole has been added and there are a total of 5 positions.