YD-2SXIII用 グラファイト製 ハイトラクション メインシャーシ
Graphite high traction main chassis for YD-2SXIII

Y2-002SMG YD-2SXIII用 グラファイト製 ハイトラクション メインシャーシ ¥11,000(税別)


It is a new main chassis made of graphite that changes the running characteristics of the machine by drastically changing the shape. Although optimized for the YD-2SXIII, the screw hole positions on the main chassis are the same, so E-series gearboxes and rear motor conversions can also be installed.


While using the 2.5 mm thick plate material common to the YD-2 series graphite chassis, it has been slimmed down overall and has been significantly lightened, so it can be used on low grip road surfaces such as P tiles and colored concrete. It is effective. In particular, the area around the rear is designed to be as thin as possible by slit processing, making it possible to maximize rear traction. This main chassis has the perfect characteristics when you want to improve the stability of drifting in corners.