FWDツーリングカー BD10F新登場!
FWD Touring car BD10F Debut‼


Introducing the BD10F competition FWD touring car, which utilizes the components of the high-end touring car BD10 and realizes the optimum weight distribution for FWD drive!
The bulkhead and suspension arm are the same as the BD10LC, but it is a pure competition FWD touring car that has been converted to FWD by changing the main chassis and motor mount. The dedicated weights on the front and the position of the motor near the front ensure the traction required when accelerating, while eliminating the excessive steering response due to the weight increase, by changing the Ackerman ratio with the long bell crank, it is neutral. It is set to a good steering feel.
Around the rear, in addition to the AXON shock that has a reputation for smooth operation, a mass damper that is simple but has a high effect of canceling vibration is adopted, and the rear grip is raised to prevent stall when turning cornering.
Of course, there are some optional parts for BD10 that have been released so far that can be shared, and running costs can be reduced, including sharing of consumable parts. It is a state-of-the-art racing machine that leads the FWD touring car scene that is suddenly increasing due to the performance inherited from BD10.

BD10F Specification

■ ベルトドライブ FWD ツーリングカー
■ フロントミッドモーター レイアウト
■ フロント バンパーウエイト
■ スライド式 モーターマウント
■ ロング ステアリング ベルクランク
■ 真鍮製 フロント 六角ハブ
■ リヤ マスダンパー

■ Belt Drive FWD Touring Car
■ Front mid motor layout
■ Front bumper weight
■ Slide motor mount
■ Long steering bell crank
■ Brass front hex hub
■ Rear mass damper


The weight placed just before the front bulkhead is 90g. It suppresses the lift of the front when accelerating, enhances the feeling of ground contact, and acquires acceleration traction.


The front wheel hub is made of brass, which makes the steering response slightly milder and enhances traction.


A 20mm long type steering bell crank is used to optimize the Ackermann ratio. Even the front-heavy FWD touring car has a neutral steering feel.


The motor is mounted on the mid near the front. By changing the position of the servo and using a short Li-po battery specification, the left and right balance is adjusted, and the optimum balance is obtained for the FWD touring car.


Using a narrow suspension mount and wide wheel hub, the suspension arm was set inward and the lever ratio was reviewed.


A mass damper placed at the rear. The cylindrical weights move freely to absorb vibrations and shocks and enhance the feeling of ground contact of the rear tires.