BD8用 40Tプーリー コンバージョン キット (ストックモーター用)
40T pulley conversion kit for BD8 (Stock motor)

B8-S40TC BD8用 40T プーリー コンバージョンキット (ストックモーター用) ¥6,200(税別)



40T pulley conversion kit for B8-S40TC BD8 (for stock motor) ¥ 6,200 (excluding tax)

※ The image is an assembled example

It is a conversion kit that makes the drive system of BD 8 into 40 T pulley specification. By increasing the diameter of the front and rear differential pulleys, the rolling in the corner is good and the stall feeling is reduced, the drive efficiency is improved, the chassis roll balance is optimized, the cornering is rapidly rounded up, leading to a quick acceleration and top speed is also improved To do. Since the steering response shifts slightly mildly, it is easy to drive, it is possible to connect the corners rhythmically. Besides improving lap times, it is a key item to raise the average lap on machines with few mistakes and to get better results.

※BD8キット標準のクロスバルクはプーリーと干渉してしまいますので、このコンバージョンキット用のアルミ製クロスバルク(B8-32C40 バルクヘッドC)をお使いになる場合は別途お買い求めください。

 Since the cross bulk of the standard BD8 kit will interfere with the pulley, please purchase separately when using aluminum cross bulk (B8-32C 40 bulkhead C) for this conversion kit.