YD-2S用 アルミ製 スペシャル モーターマウント
Aluminum special motor mount for YD-2S

Y2-304S YD-2S用アルミ製スペシャルモーターマウント(クーリングファン取付可) ¥2,900(税別)
Y2-304SF YD-2S用アルミ製スペシャルモーターマウント(クーリングファン付) ¥4,280(税別)


Y2-304S Aluminum special motor mount for YD-2S (cooling fan mountable) ¥ 2,900 (excluding tax)
Y2-304SF Aluminum special motor mount for YD-2S (with cooling fan) ¥ 4,280 (excluding tax)

It is a special motor mount for YD-2S of high mount motor. Cooling effect is high with aluminum heat sink shape and efficiently cools the motor by drift running which tends to heat up. In addition, a dedicated stay that can mount a cooling fan of 30 mm square is also included, so if you can prepare a cooling fan for motor cooling separately, it will demonstrate even higher cooling effect.


The YD-2S motor mount can move the motor position in three positions forward and backward depending on the mounting position, but with this special motor mount it can be set more finely in its movement range, and by choosing from the total of 7 stages the more detailed Weight balance setting becomes possible.