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BD9 センタードライブ プーリーに関する情報
BD 9 Center Drive Pulley Notes

本日より出荷されます”BD9グラファイトシャーシ仕様”の駆動系に使用する、B9-630 BD9用 センター ドライブ プーリー (20T)の黒いリム部分は接着加工となっています。


The black rim part of the center drive pulley (20T) at B9-630 , which is a pa rt of BD9 drive system has applied adhesive processing.
Therefore, due to a heavy load or overlapping running may cause the bond and possibly come off. If the rim comes off, please use a small amount of instantaneous glue to attache again.


* Even when the rim comes off due to a crash during racing, it is holed by the center bulk, so it will not come off the chassis.