YD-2E/Sシリーズ用 ラウンドリィ ステアリング スライドラックセット
“Curved Slide Rack” for YD-2E and S series



Installing high precision Slide Rack will reduce the backlash around the steering wheel, making the steering feel more rigid and decreasing the shaking.
The curved slide rack was designed to prevent interference with linkage rod at steering angle. It allows the drifter to feel more freedom in deepest angle drifting moment. The rack is installed with a forward tilt angle in order to reduce the bump
steer, which is the tendency of the wheel of a car to steer itself as it moves through the suspension stroke. The body roll and suspension motions will not influence the car to turn more sharply than the driver anticipates.


The aluminum slide rack is made with a hard anodizing which improves wear resistance and features smooth operation being held by 6 bearings. Because the bearing post is an eccentric cam shaft, it reduces the rattling of the steering to the limit, there is also an effect in greatly improving the direct feeling and prevent from the juddering.

* Graphite upper deck and aluminum bulkhead spacer are not included in the set for YD-2S series.”