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Battery safety guide





Firstly thank you for using Yokomo products.

The summer season approaches, it brings perfect weather for running RC cars. During the hot summer months we have many inquiries regarding battery problems, its a season that requires special attention and care running your batteries, especially lithium polymer (Lipo) batteries.

They are vulnerable in high temperature conditions, and we recommend 30 ° C or less during charging and keeping them in storage.

Do not charge or discharge the battery, place your Lipo charge bag directly under direct sunlight or charge it whilst it is in your Rc model and never store it in a place where it gets hot.

For example, if after you use your model, leaving the battery inside after driving may affect the battery as the temperature in the car can reach 70-80 ° C depending on the situation, which is quite dangerous. If a rechargeable lipo battery is continuously/repeatedly exposed to high temperatures, it gets damaged increasing the risk of fire. So please remember to remove the battery when you are finished.

A battery that has been damaged or degraded due to excessive heat will generate gas inside and cause the case to swell up, when this happens the battery should not be used and should never be recharged.

Please dispose of the unusable battery adhering to the following procedure:


自治体で回収を行っていない場合は、ヨコモで処理致しますので、バッテリー機能を無くし、端子部をテープ等で絶縁した状態で、ヨコモアフターサービス部宛までご返送下さい。  (弊社までの送料はお客様ご負担となりますのでご了承下さい)

Prepare salt water (10g of salt for 500ml of water or around 2 heaped teaspoons) in a glass container, large bucket, etc. with a size of 500ml or more so it immerses the battery completely. It will completely discharge to a safe level in around 2 weeks.

※ This procedure will remove all electricity from the battery will eliminate the risk of fire.

Allowing you to responsibly dispose of it as non-combustible waste. (As classification of refuse varies, please check with your local government)

※ Please always keep any batteries (regardless of condition) out of reach of infants and children.