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SP-02D ドリフト用 ステアリングサーボ ニュートラル時の微振動について
Notice about the vibration or buzzing sound at the neutral position of the SP-02D Drift steering servo


We have received several enquiries from customers about a slight vibration coming from their SP-02D servo at the neutral position. Please be aware that SP-02D servo is programmed with completely different software from conventional servos, in order to provide an optimized steering feels for use in RWD Drifting. The new software prevents steering shake that almost all RWD Drift cars suffer when they use high to maximum gyro gain.

Therefore, the gears may slightly vibrate (but the servo horn does not move) and the temperature of the servo may rise slightly. This is normal for a digital servo, but please ensure your steering is free of any binding or tight spots. The buzzing does not affect the servo’s durability, so you can use it with confidence.