YD-2 SXIIに妖艶なパープルバージョン登場!
Bewitching purple version appeared on YD-2 SXII!

ハイマウントモーターの圧倒的なリヤトラクションを武器に、世界各地のドリフト コンペティションを席巻するYD-2Sシリーズ。その中でもトップエンドモデルとなるYD-2SXに新開発のラウンドリィ スライドラックを搭載し、まさに世界レベルでの即戦力マシンとなる”YD-2 SXII”に完全限定カラーのパープルバージョンが新登場!


The overwhelming rear traction due to the high mount motor layout, YD-2S series has been dominated RC drift competition in the world. Especially the top range model YD-2SX has now renewed with new developed curved slide rack system, it is exactly an out of box ready for the battle in the world,  new birth of “YD-2 SXII PURPLE version!!!

Based on the luxurious graphite luxurious main chassis, various PURPLE aluminum parts / graphite options are equipped with. It is also possible to change the balance of weight and rigidity of the car, and it is possible to draw the machine characteristics according to various driving styles. Aluminum parts such as front bulkhead and shock tower are given a bevel edge treatment of red anodize for luxury appearance. It is exactly the finish that can be said as “the supreme machine”.


Passionate purple anodized parts are compare to none. Of course it has been sharply finished with bell edge treatment.
* Purple anodized parts are perfectly limited specifications that do not sell spare parts.

パープルバージョンでは新開発のドリフト専用スプリングを採用。フロントにはD-177FA ダイレクトタイプ スプリング(オールラウンド)、リヤにはD-179RA サイドグリップタイプ スプリング(オールラウンド)を装備して、最新のドライビングクオリティに対応します。

ショックはもちろんアルミ製のショックシリンダーにカシマコート処理を施し、ピストンとの摩擦抵抗を極限にまで減らしたスーパーローフリクションショック。オンロード用としてはクラス最大容量の11.2mmビッグボア シリンダーを採用。ドリフト走行で使用される樹脂タイヤの走行では、路面から受ける細かな振動がタイヤグリップを低下させる大きな要因となりますが、ショック容量を高めたスーパー ローフリクションショックで振動までも吸収し、最大限のグリップを獲得します。

The purple version uses a newly developed special spring for drift. The front is equipped with the D-177FA Direct Type Spring (All Round) and the rear is equipped with the D-179RA Side Grip Type Spring (All Round) to support the latest driving quality.

Aluminum shock cylinders are the super low friction shock which is with Kashima coating to reduce the maximum frictional resistance with piston. The largest capacity in on-road car category, 11.2mm big bore cylinder has adopted and enable to absorb even small vibration due to run with a resin tire in a drift run from the road surface, then possible to get a maximum grip.



More steering angle due to new Short Suspension Arm which has redesigned for prevent from interference with wheels, besides the location of steering stopper had also refined.

The curved slide rack was designed to prevent interference with linkage rod at steering angle. It allows the drifter to feel more freedom in deepest angle drifting moment. The rack is installed with a forward tilt angle in order to reduce the bump
steer, which is the tendency of the wheel of a car to steer itself as it moves through the suspension stroke. The body roll and suspension motions will not influence the car to turn more sharply than the driver anticipates.