BD9 ハイビッグボア ショートショック用 6穴ピストン
6 hole piston for BD9 High bigbore short shock
1,023 yen(税込)

BD9のハイビッグボア ショートショックに対応した新型ピストンです。AXON社と共同開発した従来よりも穴数の多い6ホールで、細かな振動も反応良く吸収しトラクションを高めます。ピストンの外径は従来よりもわずかながら大径化していますので、大きなロール時には粘り強く、ハイスピードコーナーリングなどでの腰砕けを防止してくれます。

This is a new piston for the High Big Bore Short Shock for their BD9 1/10 scale touring car platform. The new piston has 6 holes, two more than the standard pistons. This allows small vibrations to be better absorbed by the shock package, giving more traction. Along with the increase in number of holes, the new piston has a larger outer diameter too, increasing the pressure on the oil during cornering, helping to prevent the rear of the car losing grip in high speed turns.

The diameter of the holes is the same as the standard four-hole piston (1.1mm), so with the increased number of holes as well as the increased piston diameter, you should be ready to test different hardness shock oils when changing pistons. As a recommended starting point, you should try shock oil that is 5-10 cSt harder than you use with the standard pistons.