YZ-114 PLUS AC/DC 急速充放電器
YZ-114 PLUS AC/DC Charger/Discharger
11,550 yen(税込)

 レースに対応した高いスペックでありながら、初心者にもお買い求めやすい価格を実現した急速充放電器”YZ-114 PLUS”。 昨今主流であるLi-poバッテリーはもちろん、Li-fe、Li-ion、さらにNi-MH、Ni-cdなど多彩なバッテリーを充放電可能。さらに最新のスペックであるHV(ハイボルテージ)仕様Li-poバッテリーにもいち早く対応しています。充電電流6A、放電2Aをベースとして、バランス充放電機能やサイクル充放電機能、ファストモード、ストレージモード、Ni-MH・Ni-cdバッテリーのリピーク機能など多様なプロファイルを、内部メモリーにより10件記憶することが可能です。さらにバッテリーの内部抵抗計測や電圧の監視、充電時の電流制限、容量制限、温度制限、充電時間制限など、安全面でも優れた機能を搭載。アクセサリ用として使えるUSB出力も装備した超高性能充放電器です。

充放電器本体 Main body of battery charger ×1
AC100V用電源ケーブル Power supply cable(AC100V) ×1
7.2V用バッテリーコネクター 7.2V battery connect cords ×1
T2プラグ バッテリーコネクター T2 plug connect cords ×1

電源/Power supply AC100-240V(50/60Hz) DC11-18V 
充電可能バッテリー・対応セル数/Battery-number of the cells
Li-po/Li-fe/Li-ion/Li-HV 1-5cell
Ni-cd/Ni-MH 1-15cell
充電電流/Charge current

放電電流/Discharge current 0.1-2.0A
出力ポート/Out put port Euro plug (for Battery charge) / USB (Accessories)
充電モード/Charge mode Charge/Balance charge/Discharge/Fast charge/Storage/Auto charge/Cycle/Re-peak/
安全機能/Safety feature 自動充電電流制限、バッテリー電圧監視、内部抵抗メーター、容量制限、温度制限、充電時間制限




Rapid charging and discharging device ”YZ-114PLUS” realizing price easy to buy even for beginners, although it is a high specification corresponding to the race. Nowadays it is possible to charge and discharge a variety of batteries such as Li-fe battery, Li-fe, Li-ion, Ni-MH, Ni-cd as well as mainstream Li-po battery. In addition, we respond quickly to HV (high voltage) specification Li-po battery which is latest specifications. Based on charging current A and discharge 2A, 10 profiles such as balance charging / discharging function, cycle charge / discharge function, fast mode, storage mode, repeat function of Ni-MH Ni-cd battery, etc are stored in internal memory by the internal memory It is possible. Furthermore, it features superior safety features such as battery internal resistance measurement, voltage monitoring, current limit at charging, capacity limit, temperature limit, charging time limit. It is an ultra high performance charge and discharge device equipped with a USB output that can be used for accessories.
Set content
Main body of battery charger × 1
Power supply cable for AC100V Power supply cable (AC 100V) × 1
7.2V battery connector 7. V battery connect cords × 1
T2 plug battery connector T2 plug connect cords × 1
Power supply AC100 – 240V (50/60 Hz) DC 11 – 18V
Rechargeable battery Number of corresponding cells / Battery-number of the cells
Li-po/Li-fe/Li-ion/Li-HV 1-5 cell
Ni-cd/Ni-MH 1-15 cell
Charge current
0.1 – 6.0A
Discharge current/Discharge current 0.1 – 2.0A
Output port/Out put port Euro plug (for Battery charge) / USB (Accessories)
Charge mode/Charge mode Charge/Balance charge/Discharge/Fast charge/Storage/Auto charge/Cycle/Re-peak/
Safety feature Automatic charge current limit, battery voltage monitoring, internal resistance meter, capacity limit, temperature limit, charging time limi