YD-2用 リヤESCマウント(レッド/パープル)
Rear ESC mount for YD-2 (red / purple)

Y2-REM-R/P YD-2用 リヤESCマウント(レッド/パープル) 各¥3,500(税別)


※Y2-RAC YD-2用 リヤAアームコンバージョンを装着した場合、ESCマウントベースとショックタワーが干渉してしまうため併用することができません。あらかじめご了承ください。

A ESC mount set that can change the weight balance of the chassis by mounting the ESC on the rear overhang and greatly enhance the rear traction. Especially effective on roads with low grip, the load applied to the rear tires at the corner exit is overwhelming! It is possible to get a particularly high acceleration feeling that leaves other cars behind. In addition, by mounting the ESC on the rear, the weight of the front can be reduced, making it easier to prevent the front tires from getting caught and oversteer.

* When the rear A arm conversion for Y2-RAC YD-2 is installed, the ESC mount base and the shock tower interfere with each other and unable to use together. Please note.